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Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB) 101

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What are the regulations and where can they be found?

 Ontario Regulation 20/17:  Ontario’s Reporting of Energy Consumption and Water Use outlines the EWRB intiative included in the amendment to The Green Energy Act, 2009  .

Who Needs to Report and When?

  • Privately owned commercial,  multi-unit (more than 10 units) residential  buildings (and some industrial facilities)

First Report Due Date                Commercial/Industrial Gross Floor Area      Multi Unit Residential     

(Energy Reporting Period)      Gross Floor Area                                                           Gross Floor Area           

1 July 2018                                        ≥250,000 ft2           

(Jan – Dec 2017)            

1 July 2019                                        ≥100,000 ft2                                                                   ≥100,000 ft2           

(Jan – Dec 2018)            

1 July 2020                                        ≥50,000 ft2                                                                      ≥50,000 ft2           

(Jan – Dec 2019)  

  • Reporting must be done annually and completed reporting for each calendar year will be due the following July.

Exempt facilities include:

  • Publicly owned facilities
  • Manufacturing and agricultural industrial facilities
  • Data centres, television studios, trading floors
  • Full list of exemptions are included on guidelines and in O.Reg 20/17

Report Details Reports will include facility (gross floor area, age, energy, water and GHG emissions data.  Reporting will be done using the Energy Star Portfolio manager.  The data elements required for the reports are listed online and are detailed for each  type of building.  Facility reporting can be completed by facility owner or internal personnel or by third-party on facility owners’ behalf.  The reporting period data for buildings with a gross floor area greater than 100,00 ft2 is required to be verified for the first year and every five years thereafter.  The verification must be completed by an accredited professional such as a Certified Measurement Verification Professional, Certified Energy Auditor or a P.Eng (complete list in the EWRB Guidelines).