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Our Mission

Combining knowledge and enthusiasm to deliver effective energy management solutions and services.

Our Services Include:

Measurement & Verification (M&V) Planning and Execution (IPMVP compliant)

Energy Reporting

Facility Auditing

Incentive Administration

Recommissioning (RCx) services

Project Management Services​

Energy Awareness for Facility Operations Teams and Occupants

Third-Party Review of Reports, Contracts, Plans

Sourcing Solutions



 DEEM Solutions has over 29 direct years of experience in the energy management industry.  Our background includes working with all major sectors, which lends us a depth of relevant and practical knowledge. We have had the fortune of working with high-performing customers and colleagues who have enhanced our own skillsets.  The maturity that we offer also includes an understanding that we cannot rest solely on past successes:  we will continue to evolve our education in efficiency strategy and technology. 


We enjoy what we do. We feel good when a client has saved on their output costs, increased their facility’s performance and improved their working environment. We feel great knowing that, no matter how small a project may be, we make a positive impact on the planet. 


One of the many privileges of having extensive careers in one industry is that we have a vast network of former customers, colleagues, business partners and vendors who are active in energy management, environmental control and facility and operations performance.  We use these connections to enrich our own knowledge and to help our clients achieve their objectives.  We can also save clients valuable time by providing sourcing services for procuring their targets.